Eldy reaches Mexico

Eldy version for Mexico is now ready!

A Social Service: We took the third age in the network!

We want to network carrying the categories that are left out of the great technological revolution concludes by proposing a territorial institutions (status, your city, your municipality) projects Social Inclusion already experienced in other European countries and particularly in Italy. Eldy is a project designed and realized for and with those who currently do not have easy access to computers, internet or more generally to new technologies. Ie mainly the Seniors, motor disabled, blind etc. What are the most will be able to take advantage of our projects. We want these categories can dialogue effectively and efficiently with the institutions, and including forming a virtual community. We invite everyone to watch the links next to discover the project and its potential in terms of communication and social impact.

Therefore Eldy is:

-The fast tutoring: a course of three hours is enough to know use the main features of the program
-Downloadable free: dal site of your institution or from our website
-And especially: FUNNY

And it lets you:

-Surfing the Internet
-Using mail services
-Archive photos
-Write documents

We invite all institutions that want to perform this type of projects contact:

Lic. Arefano Visentin
Responsible Latin America

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