Press release

Press release

Click here to read the article about Eldy on the Social Agenda Magazine of April 2012 (Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion of European Commission) at page 17.

Have a look on the web site of EC


Reggio: Europe Day initiative and e-skills week ( 11 of april 2012)

Cremona laboratory for smart city (The sun 24 Hours, 16th of April 2012)

"I made software to take my meds" Read the article/ read the article (23/07/2010)

The tablet easy for seniors and newcomers to the web (Republic Business & Finance, 30th of January 2012)

Help for the elderly: spending and doctor in a tap (The sun 24 Hours, New, 29 January 2012)

Eldy is now also an app for Android tablets (The sun 24, 28 January 2012)

Eldy, tablet for ethane terza (, 27 January 2012)

Press review project Eldy – Help Key TV (16 December 2011)

HELP KeyTV, experimental project to "connect" the weak population (, 16 December 2011)

Few functions but essential gadgets suitable for grandfather (The Republic, 14 December 2011)

With Eldy PC is not scary (The Diary, 5 October 2011)

Internet and computers for seniors (The Basso Vicentino, October 2011)

The return of the volunteers of the camper Eldy to bring all the computer (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 29 September 2011)

Internet for the elderly? Now it's a breeze (The Day, 22nd september 2011)

Students teach their grandparents to chat (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 8th june 2011)

Internet easy for everyone (Famiglia Cristiana, 19 May 2011)

The life of a geek begins at fifty (Life, 8 April 2011)

Trento: Province, Eldy project comes to digital divide could reset (Reuters, 16 March 2011)

The computer explained to the elderly (L’Adige, 14 March 2011)

Families technological, including grandparents (Famiglia Cristiana, 3 February 2011)

High school students help grandparents navigate on the Internet (Giornale di Vicenza, 29 January 2011)

Students rise to the throne. Grandparents go to class to pc (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 21 January 2011)

The project Eldy (Lintl – News, focus and trends of information technology in Trentino, January 2011)

Elderly lesson from the boys web (The Trentino, 3 October 2010)

I teach Internet grandchildren to grandparents (L’Adige, 2 October 2010)

ELDY, The PER inclusione. Here's how to make "friendly" pc and web (Elderly Assistance, MAG/GIU 2010)

The municipality of Badia Polesine supports the initiative Eldy (The voice of Rovigo, 7 June 2010)

The tour stops in cities Eldy (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 17 May 2010)

New sailors (D La Repubblica, 1 May 2010)

Attraction Internet, elderly to the rescue (, 21 February 2010)

Web sixty to the discovery Skype and Facebook (Corriere della Sera, 15 March 2010)

Eldy, the operating system over 60 (The Republic, 01 March 2010)

The country for old PCs (Nòva, The Sun 24 Hours, 07 January 2010)

Elderly and Disabled: applications make it easy to download to your computer (, 11 December 2009)

The Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia simplifies the lives of citizens through Eldy (Public Communicators, 12 June 2009)

Software for the elderly (Tgcom, 11 June 2009)

Long live the youth – Darius Alexander James ("At school we talk about Eldy")

Eldy and Skype (Skype, Official Blog, 7 November 2008)

Eldy 2.0: renews software for elderly and disabled (Pc, 5 November 2008)

Eldy, Linux to measure the idea of a grandfather Italian Onlus (E- linux, 26 October 2008)

Eldy, Linux to measure the idea of a grandfather Italian Onlus (Republic, 24 October 2008)

Service Charter, or the world in a click (The Province of Lecco, 21 October 2008)

The software easy for the elderly Eldy 2.0 è per Linux (The Business Republic & finance, 13 October 2008)

Arriva Eldy 2.0, pc always easier for older people (, 7 October 2008)

Vicenza: Web for seniors is learns with Eldy (, 6 October 2008)

For surfers seniors arrive Eldy 2.0 (The, 6 October 2008)

Seniors and Computers, course brings them closer (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 5 October 2008)

"Grandparents" to your computer, success (, 2 October 2008)

PC now even at your old (, 27 September 2008)


A computer also for older people (Il Giornale, 14 September 2008)

Pc touch ... grandfather (Famiglia Cristiana n 31, 3 August 2008)

Eldy, software that reads for blind people (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 13 July 2008)

Eldy Pc, computer for seniors and disabled (Republic, 30 June 2008)

Even my grandfather will have his pc (TGCOM, 26 June 2008)

Province network "so closer to young people" (Il Giornale di Vicenza, 9 June 2008)

The Province of Vicenza champion on the web (La Padania, 7 June 2008)

EldyPc: grandfather's computer using your index finger (The press, 3 June 2008)

The great age on Internet: the computer software at your grandfather Eldy (eGov-Province of Vicenza, June 2008)

Network accessible, Italy is back. Here are excluded from the digital divide (, 24 January 2008)

So the software Eldy take the network up to the young 99 years (Friday Republic, 18 January 2008)

Italian grandparents to explore the Internet (, 3 January 2008)

Eldy and Google Apps against the digital divide (Life, non profit online, 19 December 2007)


Internet at your grandparents' Vicenza (Journal of Vicenza, 3 October 2007)

A few commands and characters for a big web of old extent (from the Vicenza, 3 October 2007)

Grandparents Venetian jump in net (LA, 3 October 2007)

Internet, Pictures of the boys help the elderly (by Il Gazzettino, 3 October 2007)

"Eldy" arrives in the homes of over 65 (of Corriere della Sera, 28 September 2007)

The world Eldy (of The, 14 September 2007)

The success of Eldy (of The Sun 24 Hours – Nòva, 6 September 2007)

Eldy, grandfather of the computer has exceeded 100 thousand (by Il Giornale di Vicenza, 1 September 2007)

From Eldy chat: a web easier for the elderly (of, 29 August 2007)

Vicenza, depopulated the Internet for grandparents' Large Fonts, any English ' (of Corriere della Sera, 19 August 2007)

Assault internet easy for grandparents (of, 11 February 2007)


Here a screeshot with some of them (Times of India, Wired, Corriere della Sera, The Republic, Kathimerini,… )