Eldy brings computing to seniors who remained apart. Eldy est simple, useful and free !

Read the article published in Eldy’ “Agenda Social”, the magazine of the European Commission's Employment and Social Affairs (page 17)



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Eldy includes all activities around the Central Plaza a virtual village.

On this site, you can find various venues and services.

The later

Eldy with you please email your loved ones.

You can open a new email account or use an existing account with an ISP or service.

It is not necessary that your friends also use Eldy to communicate with you by email.

The library

At the library you have access to Internet resources : generalist news channels, information for the third age, paperwork online, practical information (codes Postaux, encyclopedia ...).


The clubs are meeting places : you can chat with your friends in head to head, as you can participate in group discussions in the public square or coffee instead ; You can also participate in discussions on specific topics, eg poetry club.
The "cat" is the preferred means of communication with teens in your life. Make the effort to find them here and you initiate appropriate to their language !
With clubs, you will not feel alone anymore.

Le multi-services centers

pratiqueVous find here all kinds of practical everyday services :

– exchange photos

– write notes (for your memories ?)

– call his relatives and see

as if you were close to them. Great to see the last little take his first steps, and even if it is 300 miles from you, or even across the world.

This is where you access the online services of local authorities partners Vermeil Circle.
It is not necessary that your correspondents use Eldy, but you and your correspondent must have installed Skype to call or use videoconferencing.


You live on the village square, and back home, you can view your favorite TV programs.
Three thematic channels are available : sport, music, arts et culture. The programs of these channels will be selected with the help of users to retain the programs that interest you most.
Only video online programs are accessible via the internet Eldy : you can not receive TV channels from cable or TNT with Eldy.

Territorial services

Ask your elected (region, county or municipality) Eldy to partner with to give you easy access to all your efforts and local folders!