Eldy Association ngo

Eldy Association ngo

Eldy Association is a non-profit organization which promotes social inclusion, active ageing, health, intergenerational solidarity with people aged 50+ through the use of technology.

Its work focuses on a wide range of actions and policy areas that impact on older, retired and impaired people with a combination of easy and accessible technology and human support.

Eldy was set up in 2006 following a international debate on how improving the quality of life through an ethical use of ICT. Eldy has a staff of 10 people and 250 active volounteers.

Based in Vicenza, Eldy ngo conceived Eldy platform, the free software package to help senior citizens to use the computer and access the internet (free at www.eldy.eu).

Eldy works daily with Public administration (Ministry of Welfare, Regione Lombardia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and several Province in Italy and world wide with projects on training (4000 people have been trained), intergenerational projects (10.000 students have taught Eldy technology to seniors), social on line and off line support (400.000 users of Eldy platform).