European Research Projects

European Research Projects

EldyLAB is envolved in several European and International Projects in collaboration with the most important partner in the field of ageing and disability.

VALUE AGEING Project, funded within the scope of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission.

VALUE AGEING aims to foster cooperation between non‐commercial and commercial entities on a joint research project about the incorporation of Fundamental Values of the European Union in Info‐Communication Technology (ICT) for Ageing.

Good technology is not just about making something better; it is about doing something different and consequently making people think differently (

Eldy LAB is envolved in BASE Project (Base English for Deaf Adults) with other 5 European Partner,  whose aim is create a e-learning platform for Deaf using the Eldy platform. Dissemination of user friendly technology for senior and umpaired is an important issue.