Eldy LAB

Eldy LAB

EldyLab is the research center created to analyze and find out innovative solutions for e-Health and e-welfare for frail people, in particular senior and disable.

EldyLab doesn’t develop technology, but uses the best solutions and most innovative processes to apply them in a context of research and dissemination, whose key issues are the social and anthropological aspects.

Eldy LAB includes research on the relationship between ethics and technology, enabling technologies for Digital TV and tablet devices.

Based in Pordenone, EldyLab participates with Vegan Solutions srl in European Projects ( FP7 – CIP – …) within the framework of the European Community with the best industry partners at European level.

An ongoing project is Value Ageing,  regarding actions to incorporate European Fundamental Values into ICT for Ageing.

Eldy LAB is envolved in BASE Project (Base English for Deaf Adults) with other 5 European Partner,  whose aim is create a e-learning platform for Deaf using the Eldy platform. Dissemination of user friendly technology for senior and umpaired is an important issue for us.